What can I say? I'm bad at this blogging thing. Maybe I enjoy life too much to take time out of it to tell you everything I'm doing. Maybe I'm lazy. Maybe I have a love/hate relationship with this so-called term, "blog".... Either way, I'm going to try and blog when I can. I also doubt that you are chomping at the bit, biting your fingernails, or anxiously waiting for my next blog to come. So I'll break it down until I have time to fully catch you up!
I've been busy. Playing shows with Jive Coulis and Hubble, working for Mt. Ashland, and on the Hops Farm. I'm excited to head back to Iowa in early December but I won't be playing any shows as I really want to spend my short time there with family as much as possible. 
I'm glad with all the drought, flooding, forest fires that the summer season is over. I'm just waiting for the snow to fall, here in southern Oregon, so the slopes are ready for me to destroy with my snowboard. 
I've also vaguely started the process of applying for graduate school. The first thing I've been doing is trying to write a "Statement of Purpose." It might be the hardest writing I've ever written. I better get on that. 
Until next blog (who knows when that will be), take care, internet!
Well I made it back to Oregon from Iowa. My 2002 Chevy Malibu (“Stacy”) managed to make the approximate 2000 mile trip without a single flaw (even though the check engine light turned on a week before I left). A lot of meeting up with great friends, wonderful family and playing some fun music happened between my last Iowa blog. So… Yo, DJ! LET’S HIT THE REWIND! (insert DJ rewind sound here)

One place in Cedar Falls, IA where I know I can run into some great musicians is The Library. No, not the Cedar Falls Public Library, or even the University of Nortern Iowa’s Rod Library. I’m talking about a bar called “The Library” which is found on the campus’s restaurant and bar district known as “The Hill.”

The Library on The Hill has an open jam every Wednesday night and I used to partake in it since it started there in 2009 or 2010-ish. Before The Library Jam, there was a jam across the street at another club called Sharky’s. I went to the Sharky’s jam, which was held on Mondays. I think all of the musicians were glad when the night changed to Wednesday because if you work Monday thru Friday 9-5, staying out until bar close on Monday is not the best way to start the week.

Either way, the person who hosts the jam at the Library now is great friend and musician, Mary “Mo” Hinman. She is a glorious “trumpeterista,” singer, and bandleader (Mary Mo and Her Sweet Notes). Along with Jeff Kessler (3 Lbs. of Love, Free Range Medecine) on the drums, Austin Brown (UNI Jazz Band One, Mary Mo and her Sweet Notes, and Flo Sho) on guitar, and Patrick Daugherty (UNI Jazz Band One, numerous other bands) on the bass, the group makes for a stellar house band.

I brought my keyboard to the gig. It’s a Roland JUNO-D for those gear-heads out there. There was also a slew of other great players that I went to school with and/or gigged around the Cedar Valley with; Jesse Luke, Nik Francis, Justin Beal, Riley Scheetz, and John Mallak to name a few.

When I started playing keyboard, someone called out a tune that I brought to jams a lot and played at many Collin and Company gigs. It was a re-arrangement (some may call it a bastardization) of two Medeski, Martin, and Wood (MMW) songs, “Bubble House”, and “Beeah”. I usually played this song on a vibraphone in the Collin and Company gigs, but it wasn’t too hard switching to keyboard. I think it sounds great with a percussive, Hammond-like, gospel organ sound, much like John Medeski’s.

After a super fun “Em, Em, Dub”, someone called out Turkey Sammiches, another one of my tunes. It turned out to be so beautiful and almost hilarious how well it was played. There was no rehearsal for this jam, and we hadn’t played this song for at least 9 months! Mo remembered her harmonized melody for the song, everyone else remembered the entire form of the song and followed cues to perfection. It goes to show that music truly is a language, and once you can speak it with someone, you can “speak” or play with them in that language for the rest of their life.

I have to give a lot of thanks to another great friend, chef and musician, Joe Silva. Joe was very generous in hosting me a lot of the time while I was back in Cedar Falls. I planned on staying at my parents’ house when I was back, but I found out upon arrival that the road to their place got flooded out.

There was a LOT of rain in Iowa before I got there and while I was there. I wish I could have brought 800 Billion gallons of water back to the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon because right now, we have been hit with literally so many forest fires no one can count how many there are. Lightning in super dry climate is no good.

Joe helped me out a lot but it was also great spending time with my parents, brother, and new sister in law. Luckily none of the flooding water got in their house this year but by the end of my stay in Iowa, I estimate that 15 of my 40 days there the Mighty Cedar River made my parent’s house inaccessible by 99% of wheeled vehicles.

When I was back, I realized how much I missed the Iowa weather. It has such huge storms that seem to take the whole state out. Some systems will stay and hang out for 3 days, and intermittently dump obscene amounts of water causing flash flooding and people’s basements to fill with water. I also missed basements. It is very hard to find a house in Oregon with a basement. There was a fear with many Iowan farmers that this season would be a huge drought. I mean, the Farmer’s Almanac said it would be and when have they been wrong?

When I was back in town, it was the time that many college students were moving out of their houses and apartments. This means what it means in all college towns I’ve lived in, and I assume most college towns across the US: Everyone throws out nice things in the garbage, or just put it on the side of the road, up for grabs. I’m talking about slightly used furniture, outdated (but oversized) TV’s, vintage lamps and who knows what else? Joe found a VCR that prompted me to get my VHS collection from my parents’ house. This brought many great nights watching classics like Willow, Flash Gordon, and my proud collection of skateboard videos (not to be confused with skate DVD’s or BluRay, sk8Rayzz or whatever it’s called now).

When I was back in Iowa, I booked three shows for Collin and Company. A lot of great musicians who played in previous Collin and Co. shows were still around, available and willing to play so I thought it’d be a great excuse to book some shows and perform. One gig was at The Library on The Hill (Cedar Falls), one was at the Iowa City Yacht Club (Iowa City. Doi), and another was at The Octopus (Cedar Falls).

The first show was at The Library. It went tremendously well. It was so great to see a lot of friends who I hadn’t seen since I’ve been back. The musicians played great also. Mary “Mo” was there, along with AJ Austin, Jesse Luke, Austin Brown, Kevin Geist, and so many others.

Like most Collin and Company shows, it starts with me singing and playing guitar or piano. It then moves on to jamming on some good covers or jazz standards, followed by original compositions, and ending with funk-dance jams. I usually have a list of who plays what instruments and who knows which songs. Then right before the show I put the groups together and a setlist together, to be executed but with a lot of wiggle room for jams and improvisation.

It definitely felt good to get back into music with the Cedar Valley musicians. It also felt good to get back into the business side of music that most people don’t talk about or a lot of musicians avoid all together.

It’s about the responsibility of booking the show, promoting the show on the internet and social media, making posters for the show, setting up and tearing down the show. It was a lot of work like that, along with graduating from the school of music at College that made me want to take a break from music in the first place. After doing this business for the first time in 9 months, it felt good and natural and made me realize how much I’ve enjoyed taking a break, but also wanted to get back into it!

Early after my arrival in the Midwest, I got a strange pain in my foot. I didn’t stub it on anything or drop anything on it so the pain was odd. However the pain did not stop. It grew.

My pain soon grew to the point where I could no longer walk and I was experiencing the worst pain I’ve felt in my life. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) and Tylenol weren’t working so I finally went to the best doctor I know: Doctor Mom.

After a little bit of WebMD and looking at my wound, my Mom came to the conclusion that it was gout. I did not believe her at all but it was the only thing that made sense to her and her research. This might be the first time and only time I didn’t agree with Dr. Mom’s diagnosis. However, to my disbelief, I was wrong and she was right.

In short terms, but not necessarily layman terms, gout is a sort of inflammation that occurs when a lot of uric acid settles in your joints. The most common joint for gout to start, is at the base of the big toe, where bunions occur.

The fact that I had gout scared me. As I walked around with a cane (Thanks, Galbo!) as a 28 year old, I got a lot of strange looks. People of all ages, especially elderly people with canes, wondering, “Why this mid to late 20s guy is using a cane?” Then my hilarious and witty friends’ reaction to the cane: “Why in the hell do you have that?”, “Gout? Isn’t that for old people?” and so on.  

I soon came to find out that there are others who are my age who have suffered the intolerable pain of gout. Coincidentally, three of the people my age who informed me of their past gout happened to move to Oregon, Colorado, or Nevada and didn’t get gout until they were back visiting in Iowa.

After some thought (and I had plenty  of time to think on the drive back to Oregon) I put a few things together.

1.     Cause. I noticed that there is no taco pizzas and breaded pork tenderloins in the West.

2.     Reaction. Is there something about taco pizza, or breaded pork tenderloins that when reintroduced to a diet, produces gout?

I thought about offering my gout-ridden foot (now spreading to my ankle), to the University of Iowa to examine for research purposes, but there was too much to do in my time back in this amazing state.

Stay tuned to my blog and website to hear more about my time in Iowa, crazy storms in Minnesota, the Lick it Ticket reunion, 4th of July in Colorado, seeing a moose in Wyoming, studying vibraphone with Mike Dillon and what I’ve been up to since I’ve been back West! I hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer, and I truly feel blessed for all the friends and family I got to see and visit with while I was back. Thanks for all of the people who came out to the shows and thanks for all of the musicians who performed with me. It was a blast!

Things couldn't be going better for me as I made my return to the lovely Midwest! The first item of business was getting to my brother's wedding. I decided to drive back to Iowa, instead of flying, so I could bring more of my posessions back to Oregon (drum set, congas, skateboards, etc.). There have been a lot of things happening with me and many different bands in Oregon, Colorado and Iowa. So I better jump back to my last posting, where I left off in Oregon. 

The Mt. Ashland spring season was upon us. We had a great snow season and I had a great time snowboarding and meeting the AMAZING staff that works at Mt. Ashland. One great friend, Zak, seemed to make it his duty to introduce me to as many Ashland musician folks as possible, and he succeeded.

I started by going to open mics at a restaurant/bar called Alex’s. They have it every Wednesday night so I went to a couple of them. One time I played guitar and sang, and the other I played mandolin and sang. They both went well, and I played my “I Choose Cheese” song and a bluegrass rendition of “Bawitabah/Wu Tang ‘Triumph’” that were well received. However, it was difficult to stand out as a guitar or mandolin player with all of the talented pickers in Ashland.

Zak took me to a Korean-style Barbecue which was quite delicious. After dinner, a young lad by the name of Elliott picked up an acoustic guitar and started playing. Instantly I recognized that he wasn’t playing the regular G Major and C Major chords that I frequent when playing guitar. He was playing JAZZ CHORDS! This excited me and I commented on his great ability to play jazz. We became good friends and he introduced me to another jazz guitarist by the name of Austin. We jammed with me on drums and vibes. 

Austin, Elliott and myself booked a slot on the next open mic as a jazz trio named “Fluffy Bunny” (much to Austin’s dislike…). The person who was running the jam, named Skyler (of the band 100 Watt Mind (a great touring band from Ashland)), expressed his concern when I was loading in my drums. He told me I had to play the drums very quietly, or I wouldn’t be able to play drums in there again. I understood his concern as the open mics were mostly acoustic and didn’t get very loud. I also undersood because a lot of drummers don’t have the ability to adjust their playing volume to the size of the room they are playing in. Either way, I respectfully accepted Skyler’s challenge and played as quietly yet tastefully as I could.

Immediately following our set, Skyler was full of praise and excitement. He had me leave my drums up on the stage so I could play a few songs with him. Those songs went very well!

There were some other guys in a band, Jive Coulis, who I recognized from seeing one of their shows at Caldera Tap House in Ashland (Caldera brewery makes great beer (also great canned beer)). They liked how I was playing and asked me if I could leave my drums up and play with them. Eric, the guitarist, asked me “Do you know Pink Floyd’s “Time” into “Breathe?” My first instinct was to say "DUH" but that would be rude. I got really excited because I knew those songs VERY well, however I’ve never had the opportunity to play drums to those songs! So I found myself playing with Eric and Jordan (bassist) and another guitar player sitting in with them, David Kelley. The set was totally unrehearsed and it seemed to go FLAWLESSLY! Needless to say, I got a lot of phone numbers (from dudes) that night and I finally felt like a musician amongst the other great musicians in Ashland. It felt good to finally show the area that, hey, I can drum too!

The Fluffy Bunny thing didn’t last long, mainly due to Austin’s dislike of the name… However we kept playing together and finally pieced together a group by the name of “Hubble!” I play vibes and percussion in the group and we have an exquisite group of musicians with instrumental songs, as well as ones with vocals. We’ve played songs by Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, and originals as well.

Here is a link to a recording of Hubble! playing Thelonious Monk’s “Blue Monk” from our FIRST show on April 20th, 2013. https://soundcloud.com/hubble-5/blue-monk-nwpizza-4-20

I got a call from Eric (Jive Coulis) to see if I wanted to drum with them at some of their upcoming dates. I was really excited to get that call because I really enjoy their songwriting and I finally got the opportunity to hit the road again, with music as the main purpose! They have an awesome pink bus that they tour in, named Sharlene. We played 3 shows in 3 nights in Portland (PDX) and had a blast with them. It was hard for me to decipher which was more fun: Traveling and hanging out with Eric and Jordan, or playing their music with them. Oh, and one more thing that I probably should mention… ROBERT, the keys and sax guru from Lick it Ticket was in town to visit. He fit in great and accepted our offer to go on tour with us! It was a little different touring in such luxury, compared to Lick it Ticket’s beloved travel vehicle, Hildegard of B. 


We also played some shows in Ashland throughout the spring. Every once in a while Eric would call me up for a gig, and I wanted to take it, but it didn’t work with my schedule. This was very hard for me because I loved to play shows with them, but it didn’t always work out. One thing I never did while living in Iowa, was turn down a gig. My mom has criticized me a few times saying, “Collin, do you know how to say ‘No’?” Either way I am very thankful to Jordan and Eric for letting me play with them and giving me the opportunity to gig in Oregon!

As the weather got warmer on the mountain, the snow started to diminish. I planned a trip to Colorado where I was meeting for my brother’s bachelor party. Since most all of my old Hunab band mates are there living in the front range. We worked out a sort of a reunion show! It was an awesome experience playing with them. It was our first show in almost four years! I showed up a few days before the show so we got a good rehearsal in. That night, hanging and jamming with the boys, it seemed like everything came back to us in a great way. We had emailed which songs we might play, and I practiced on my own. They had been practicing by themselves for a while so things were TIGHT!

The show went very well, as we played at Quixote’s in Denver, CO. After that I met up with my brother and his friends who took me to Summit County, where I have been before, but never snowboarded.

The bachelor party was a blast, and the snowboarding was also! We stayed in a large cottage in Breckenridge and we were getting dumped on (with snow)! Do you remember that USA vs Costa Rica Soccer game that was played in Denver to qualify for the World Cup? Well it snowed many inches on the poor Costa Rican players (who have probably never seen snow in their life (let anlone never play soccer (futbol) in snow)) during that game and it was the same snow storms that gave me powder days at Copper Mountain, and Breckenridge Ski Resort.

My legs weren’t used to the super-long runs, in relation to some of the shorter runs at Mt. Ashland. I took the Express Super Chair at Breckenridge, which is the highest elevation high speed quad lift in the world. It dropped me off at 12,840 ft elevation. I saved that run for the last one of the day, as I rode the “Four O’Clock” run which spans 3.5 miles of snowboarding. The run ends near downtown Breckenridge, and I took a bus back to the cottage.

I also went to Vail on a trip after the bachelor party with some good friends from Iowa, Steph, Zech and Luke, the drummer of Hunab. The night before we hit the slopes we saw a flashing green light, which we later found out was a perseids meteor. The vastness and amazingness of Vail the next day was overwhelming. Its hard to keep track of where you are and where you’re going! Someone somehow caught a pic of the meteor: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielmcvey/7774488290/

Between getting to snowboard on lots of Rocky Mountain powder, having a reunion show with Hunab, and getting to spend quality time with my brother and his friends, I’d say Colorado trip was unbeatable!

I got an exciting email from Andrew Thoreen, bassist of Lick it Ticket and multi-instrumentalist for Har-Di-Har. He told other LiT members that we had been offered to play some reunion shows in Iowa in late June for the Sturgis Falls Celebration. I was very excited when everyone else in the band said they can do it! So I got it worked out so I can stay in Iowa for the whole month of June, and do some other Collin and Company shows!

As I was on my way back to Iowa from Oregon, I drove through the beautiful Northern California and Lassen National Park on my way to meet up with I-80 in Reno, Nevada. I called Luke, from Hunab, in Fort Collins and told him that I was swinging through town. He was excited and it worked out great because Scott, guitarist of Hunab, was going to be in town to help host a Grateful Dead jam with Luke. A few phone calls were made and Joe ended up coming up to Fort Collins and an impromptu and unrehearsed Hunab show was born! We played great and were received very well in Fort Collins. We have plans to play again somewhere on my way back to Oregon. I missed playing with those guys, and playing those songs very much and I loved it!

When I got to Iowa, I had to practice. I composed a my first solo piano piece for my brother’s wedding, titled “A True Match”. My brother left it open ended asking me to play something “beautiful.” It was hard because I know my classical piano skills aren’t anywhere near the skill level of Franz Liszt’s. I finished composing the piece before I left Oregon but I hadn’t had much time to practice the piece. It was the first time I’ve practiced classical piano pieces since my “Group Piano III” classes at UNI. I added a middle section to the piece that was in the blues form. My brother always loved the blues so I wanted to add it. I didn’t want it to be stereotypical slow and sad blues because it was a joyous day, celebrating the love of my brother and sister in law. So I played some Eb Major blues and played it up-tempo. The end of the song brought a transition back to C Major and I added a little taste of home. My brother and Dad sang the song “Lean on Me” a few times when they were both younger, and I felt it would add a lot to the piece. So, as a surprise, I played and sang that at the end of “A True Match”, successfully making my mom cry and receiving a round of applause from the wedding guests.

Since I’ve been back it’s been great to see everyone however there are a lot of more people to see. I’ve been in contact with some of the great musicians that played gigs and went to school with me, and I’m glad to announce that I will play some Collin and Company gigs while I’m back!

There is some crazy flooding going on while I’m here. My parents’ haven’t been able to get to their house the past week because of high flood waters going over the road to get to their house on the Cedar River. There is also a lot of water that got into houses that are MILES away from a stream or river, due to crazy amounts of rain and already wet grounds. I hope everyone is OK and has a quick and not too expensive recovery in this state of emergency flooding. As for tonight, I’m going to check out a new music venue in Cedar Falls, Ginger’s. A great local band of students I studied music with, The Brazilian 2wins, are playing and I’m excited to see them again.

Until then stay dry (except in Oregon, where rain is needed), and come out to one of my upcoming shows if you have a chance!
Things have been going splendously as of recent. Since working at Mt. Ashland, I have had the extreme pleasure to meet MANY great musicians in the Rogue Valley. This week is filled to the brim with music, which I haven't felt in the last 6 months or so. I must say I did enjoy the break, but I'm ready to get back at it. 
TONIGHT, the band Moe. is playing in Ashland! I'm really excited to see these guys. It was the combination of seeing Mike Dillon and Moe. play that inspired me to get more into playing the vibraphone. Mike Dillon is a superb vibraphonist and Moe. has a vibraphonist as well! Their songwriting is great and they have a sense of humor that you can get from their songs. 
Also, I'm excited to announce that I'll be hitting the road again in less than a week! I have the upmost pleasure of playing a handfull of shows with Ashland greats, Jive Coulis. They have great chops and songwriting and I have had nothing but fun playing with both Jordan and Eric!
I've also played some open mics on guitar, mandolin, and drums which has introduced me to many of the other great musicians in the area. 
Also, the other day, I got to hang out with local group, The Illies, as they recorded at STEVE MILLER'S (yes, THE Steve Miller) personal recording studio in the Applegate Valley... Well he doesn't live there anymore. But he built a state of the art recording studio on separate concrete pads and four layers of drywall inbetween the isolation room, control room, and main studio space. It was amazing to be there and the Illies laid down some really great tracks. 
If that isn't enough... before we leave on tour, one of my best Iowa buds and slamming musician-folk, Robert Espe, will be visiting me in Oregon! I can't wait to jam with him again and have great conversations. My parents won first prize for Iowans visiting me in Oregon. Robert is going to take a close second... Who's going to take the bronze?? :)
Well shoot. The first band, Orgone, starts in a few minutes and I hear nothing but great things about them. 
I'll update my calendar shortly so you can see where I'm playing in Oregon, for my Portland friends! 
I hope everyone's new year is 

I have done some research of going through all of the 5 of the Jock Jams albums and found some favorites that I think would be great for a Jock Jams Cover Band. Since the first and second Jock Jams were by far my favorites, most of those songs made it on the list compared to the later Jock Jams. 
Please comment and let me know if you notice Jock Jams tunes that are not on the list, but should be!

Jock Jams Set I:

1.     Michael Buffer- Let’s Get Ready To Rumble  MIXED WITH 2 Unlimited- Get Ready for this 

2.     Tag Team “Whoomp There it Is”  

3.     Black Box “Strike it up”

4.     69 Boyz “Tootsie Roll”

5.     K7 “Come bay come”

6.     Everybody Dance Now “C and C music factory”

7.     Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty by Nature.

8.     Pump up The Volume- MARRS 

9.     Unbelievable by EMF 

10. YMCA by Village People

11. Pump up the jam by Technotronic into “Twilight Zone” by 2 unlimited

12. Gary Glitter- Rock and Roll Part 2 “Hey” (guitar heavy)

Jock Jams Set II:

1.     Cotton Eye Joe

2.     That’s The Way I Like It

3.     Let Me Clear My Throat

4.     Da Dip

5.     Get Down Tonight KC Sunshine

6.     I Like to move it move it

7.     Macarena

8.     Everyboday Backstreet boys

9.     Space jam- Quad City DJ’s

10. Getting Jiggy Wit IT- Will Smith

11. Tubthumping- Chumbawumba

12. We Like To party- Venga Boys

OK, so maybe I didn't officially launch the web site earlier this summer. I'm not one to list a reason of excuses, but if you must know.... I was too busy with all of the Lick it Ticket shows, Collin and Company shows, sitting in with other bands, attending and performing weddings and working about 30 hours a week as a cook at a diner (Newton's Cafe). Also, between my last blog and now, I decided to switch the content of this website to.... (drum roll, please)... FIRST PERSON!!! I don't know of too many music sites written in first person, but I didn't see why I should bother writing in 3rd person when I'm the only person making and maintaining this site (side note: I did this site very cheaply through www.weebly.com . All I had to buy was a domain name, and thankfully "my name" .com wasn't taken.). 
So the point is, I had a great and busy summer in Iowa but making a website wasn't at the top of my list. 
Productivity is my only option now, as I find myself surrounded by nature and facebook as my only distraction in southern Oregon. The ball is now in motion for a large "to do" list to be accomplished. Now that making a website is done from my list, other things to do in the following months are (in no particular order): 
Compose a piece for chorus and piano
Write music for a live electronica/rock/funk trio
Arrange music for Blood, Sweat and Tears Tribute group
Get portfolio put together for Graduate schools
Finish concert band score/parts 
Put finishing touches on 2 jazz ensemble scores/parts
Write more songs for Collin and Company
Write more songs for solo mandolin and vocals
Practice mandolin
Practice jazz piano chops
and last but DEFINITELY not least.... Arrange music for a Jock Jams Cover Band. 
It has been a few weeks now that I haven't been playing gigs and I can't say I miss it too much YET. I played 11 gigs in my last three weeks in Iowa and it got pretty hectic trying to get everything ready to move while the gigs were happening. However I LOVE to play and I LOVE the friends and fans in Iowa that came to see the show! I DEFINITELY miss the company of my friends and family.  
Otherwise, I've gotten my fill jamming with some great musicians in Oregon at open jams and in the home setting. I've scoped a lot of music venues in Portland, Eugene, and Ashland. Two bands that stick out as awesome groups worth checking out include the Doo Doo Funk All Stars and Mel Brown and his B-3 Organ Group. I saw both of them for free in the same night in Downtown Portland. 
It's also great to see the Iowans that relocated to Oregon, that I haven't been able to visit since they left Iowa.  I spent a week in Portland meeting a bunch of new people, getting Alladeen, kayaking, biking, getting used to the public transit, and seeing live music. Then I spent time in Eugene as I stayed with Iowans, disc golfed, biked, cooked, and saw live music. There's so much free music in Oregon! On a Friday night in Portland, there are 65 MUSIC VENUES that have live music and over half of them are free! Some of the venues had 3 to 5 bands playing there at one night! I couldn't believe it. 
I get this feeling whenever i "blog" that I want to wrap it all up... but then I feel I can write forever... but I don't want to... so I apologize if you want more but I'm tired of writing. For the time being I'll just say: END BLOG POST (This may come often in future posts). 
Thanks for visiting my website/blog! Let me know if you have any constructive criticisms about making it better. 

First off, let me give you a HUGE THANK YOU for visiting my website! For some particular reason, you decided to take time out of your busy schedule to see what a collinbraley.com website would entail.... Well in case you didn't know, I've spent a lot of my post high school years developing skills and a career as a touring musician and composer. This website will tell you all about that, what I'm up to now, and probably some things you don't care about. Don't worry. I won't be sad if you skip that stuff.... Just disappointed. Either way, thanks for checking out my website and come back soon, or come see me at one of my performances! I hope all is well with you and your families. Seriously. All of your family. Even that uncle you don't like. - Collin